Sentinel EDC® Anglehead Flashlight by Centurio Design®

Sentinel EDC

Sentinel EDC® Anglehead Flashlight  (Sentinel EDC)

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Sentinel EDC

Sentinel EDC® Anglehead Flashlight

The Sentinel EDC® Anglehead Flashlight is a concept of Centurio Design® and is the connection between the EDC / Self-Defense and Law-Enforcement and Military market. We brought back the anglehead design of the “TL-194 military jungle flashlight” and introduced some of those features into the Sentinel EDC®. The clip  is able to be used with MOLLE webbing for secured hands-free attachment on MOLLE vests and compatible equipment. The top-positioned button enables operation without removing from the vest or webbing gear.

We have added many new features in this Sentinel EDC® over the old version and various updates from our new technology. We have remained loyal to our classic “Fight with Light®” and “Lightning Less-Lethal Weapons® (LLLW®)” line and connect luminosity and self-defense in a flashlight which can be used by law-enforcement or private security officers or Military and Tactical and Survival Specialists and also law-abiding citizens who like to own and to carry legal a self-defense device. It´s anglehead design provides personal illumination anywhere, anytime simply with a push of it´s top-positioned button, now updated with our exclusive strobe and BlueZeus® technology. High efficiency LEDs provide up to  360 lumens of light output. This shockproof bulb, the classic JC Impact Ring® and the new strong pick at the tailcap are upgrades from the design of the Anglehead Flashlight in the past. The light will use 2 CR123 batteries. Precision-machined, Anodized Aircaft Aluminum Construction.

Manufacturing Details:

  • The Sentinel EDC® use a mini version of the JC Impact Ring®.
  • Modes:

    • Hold = Strobe
    • Tap & Click = Constant Light
    • Tap & Click again = Low Mode
  • The clip is made to fit on MOLLE straps
  • Precision-machined, Anodized Aircaft Aluminum Construction
  • Size: 132.08mm x 25mm
  • Weight: 125 grams (without batteries)
  • 184 grams (with batteries)
  • Shock-Isolated Bulb
  • Quadruple O-ring Seals for Extreme Weather Resistancela
  • Color: Black
  • Illumination: CREE LED Bulb
  • Power Supply: 2 x CR123A 3V Lithium Batteries
  • Operating Range: -40 to +60 C
  • Light output : 360 Lumen



センチネルEDCはアップデートする度に新しい技術を取り入れております。当社初期からの思想である“Fight with LightR”と最新のLLLWコンセプトに基づき、ライトの能力を護身の思想とコラボレーションさせることで、法執行機関、民間警備、軍などプロの現場で有用、かつ一般市民でも合法的に所持できる物となっております。L字型のため持ちやすく、ライトのオンオフは頭部にあるスイッチで行えるため何時でも直感的に使用でき、最新モデルではBlueZeusRテクノロジーを利用した360ルーメンのストロボが搭載されている他、ショックプルーフLEDバルブ、ストライクヘッドやグラスブレーカーが搭載されています。


  • 出力:360ルーメン
  • ストライクヘッド搭載
  • 発光パターン:
  • 押してホールド=ストロボ
  • 一度押し込む=常時点灯
  • 押し込んだ後、再度クリック=常時点灯(弱)
  • MOLLEウェビング固定用クリップ付き
  • 精密切削航空機用ハードアノダイズドアルミ使用
  • 基本サイズ:132.08mm x 25mm
  • 重量(電池有り):184g
  • 重量(本体のみ):125g
  • 耐衝撃バルブCREE LED
  • 4重のOリングでハードユースにおいても性能を保護
  • 色:黒
  • 電源:CR123A×2
  • 使用可能温度:-40℃ ~+60 ℃


Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC Sentinel EDC