CoreT Series, Model: No779 by Centurio Design®

CoreT Series, Model779

CoreT Series, Model: No779  (CoreT Series, Model779)

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Product Description

CoreT® Series, Model No. 779, a new compact weapon light concept, developed and manufactured by Centurio Design®. What makes the CoreT® so different from other compact weapon lights? You can remove the mount and use another one to fit the CoreT® to other manufactures firearms. For example, you can use Heckler & Koch® firearms which have no picatinny rail by the standards of the U.S. Military Mil-STD-1913 or by specification of the NATO STANAG 2324. So with the CoreT® you just change the mount and you still have a compact weapon light and you don’t need any additional adapters to use the light on a Heckler & Koch® variant which of course would make the weapon heavier, making the weight of the weapon a risk for precision and safe shots.  The “wings” on and off switch allow the CoreT® to be fitted for your pointer finger or you have the option to use a cable trigger and mount it with a Velcro strap on your handgun grip. The cable trigger is also your option to mount the CoreT® on Submachine Guns (SMG) / Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) or Assault, Sports and Hunting Rifles or on Shotguns.

•    Light source: 3 watts LED
•    Max. output: 425 Lumens
•    Working mode: switching Continuous and LLLW® Strobe
•    Battery type:  3.0 volts, CR123 Lithium battery, 2pcs.
•    Run time: 5h
•    Working temperature -40℃-+85℃
•    Dimension: 86(L)*41(W)*38(H)/mm
•    Net weight: 97.8g
•    Hard anodized in black.
•    Aluminum: 7075 T6
•    Mount system (removable from the light body) 4 screws
•    Screws: DIN EN ISO 4762, M2 and M4
•    Metric thread M2 and M4, Tolerance 6H
•    Surface roughness: Ra 1,6
•    Made for use a Mount system Quick-detach rail clamp

NOTE: The Mount system Quick-detach rail clamp for the CoreT® Series, Model: No779, needs to be ordered extra. Standard mount is for the picatinny rail. Heckler & Koch® or other mounts are on request.

CoreTシリーズ モデル779

これは当社の最新コンパクトウェポンライトです。他社からも多数ウェポンライトが出ていますが、これは何が違うのか。一言で言うと、『ライト本体のマウントを交換することで如何なる会社の火器にでも装着が出来るライト』です。例えばH&K社の火器でMil-STD-1913NATO STANAG 2324仕様のピカティニーレールが付いていない物を想像してみて下さい。通常ならば幾つかのアダプターを組み合わせ、所謂「下駄を履かせる」状況になり、重量増や落下のリスクが高くなるなどメリット共にデメリットも顕著になることが度々でした。


  • LEDバルブ:3ワット
  • 最大出力:425ルーメン
  • 動作モード:通常点灯並びにLLLWストロボの切替
  • 電源:CR123A×2
  • 最大駆動時間:5時間
  • 使用可能温度:-4085℃
  • サイズ:86(L)mm×41(W)mm×38(H)mm
  • 重量(本体のみ):97.8g
  • 本体:7075-T6アルミニウムにハードアノダイズドコーティング(黒)


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